I am a publishing professional currently living in the Greater Boston Area.

I use and create content from across different fields and industries to connect people and ideas in order to develop interests, audiences, and markets.

I think holistically, plan strategically, and act experimentally–always keeping in mind the needs and problems of users and readers. My loyalty is to content over form, to audience engagement over single-channel media, to finding innovative ways to connect over relying on tired methods.

For me, content has been and continues to be transformative and I want to share that with others. Whether it be about politics, emergent technology, or digital publishing; whether it is created by me alone or in collaboration; whether its goal is to convert to a sale or convert to a belief; my commitment to creating convincing content runs through all of my work.

Above all, I want to be a beacon that cuts through these confusing times and helps make this data-rich, content-saturated, at times utopian-hopeful and at times dystopian-cynical world at least a little more navigable.

Check out my portfolio to see some highlighted work I’ve done at Emerson College, University of Maine, and as a freelance writer and activist. Check out the blog, updated here and on Medium, to read weekly posts about digital media, emergent technology, and politics.

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